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May 15, 2024
Metrics/Semantic Layers - To Be or Not To Be?

Looking at true organizational needs for a metrics layer solution

Vijay Subramanian
Apr 22, 2024
The Four Levels of Business Reviews

Examining the 4 "levels" at which business reviews are executed

Vijay Subramanian
Mar 2, 2024
Finance Teams were the Original Data Pioneers

Exploring how to further empower the OG data folks, the finance team.

Vijay Subramanian
Nov 14, 2023
Benefits of Metrics and Semantic Layers

Metrics or semantic layers can do much more than metrics governance.

Vijay Subramanian
Sep 28, 2023
Analytics: from Service to Product Mindset

Data-as-a-Product mindset can transform the analytics function

Vijay Subramanian
Sep 12, 2023
The Increasingly Limited Role of Dashboards

Examining how dashboards only address one of many data needs.

Vijay Subramanian
Aug 15, 2023
Kimball's Modeling Approach: A Few Drawbacks

Investigating a few drawbacks to Kimball's modeling approach

Vijay Subramanian
Aug 10, 2023
The Lasting Power of Kimball's Modeling Approach

A look at the lasting power of Kimball's dimensional modeling approach

Vijay Subramanian
Aug 1, 2023
Metrics Layer: 2 Years In

An examination of "metrics layers" two years in - after the early buzz

Vijay Subramanian
Apr 11, 2023
Just ask the AI bot any question!

Somewhat skeptical this is a radical, fundamental change

Vijay Subramanian
Feb 15, 2023
The Perennial Tension: Governance vs Flexibility

The tension between governed data and consumer flexibility.

Vijay Subramanian
Dec 22, 2022
Three Types of Analysis: R,E,P

Categorizing the three types of analysis all orgs need to execute

Vijay Subramanian
Dec 8, 2022
Is chatGPT our new data analyst?

Taking chatGPT for a quick spin to see if it can role play as a data analyst!

Vijay Subramanian
Dec 1, 2022
Dashboards vs Self-Service Analytics and Operations

Why dashboards are the default vs self-serve analytics

Vijay Subramanian
Oct 3, 2022
What are Data Apps?

Exploring the recent buzz around "data apps" and its potential

Vijay Subramanian
Aug 16, 2022
Output Standards and Contracts

Could we standardize data outputs via contracts?

May 14, 2022
Data is a first class citizen. But…

Data is being elevated to a first class citizen but still lacks reach.

May 12, 2022
Cloud Data Platforms: Lessons from the First Wave

How recent the cloud data platforms still are, and what's needed next.

Vijay Subramanian